OTF Fit Camp (ehem, wake up call)

The title has it all right today, a wake up call was in order and today’s OTF Fit Camp was just that!  As a founding member of the Harrisonburg Orangetheory Fitness I was invited to attend this weekend and take over downtown.  We split into two groups and wound up in three: runners & power-walkers to runners, joggers, and power-walkers!  

I knew, and you knew, that I am out of shape.  My body is unhealthy and crying out for a drastic change. I started out head-strong, walking, piece of cake.  I pushed through with a forceful walk and then we went from base to push.  The first thing we did was stop at stairs and we were to run them five times.  Well, I was overly excited and wound up falling two steps in.  I’m pretty sure I tweaked my ankle a wee bit, but I don’t think it was enough to call it a sprain.  

I slowed down from that point forward 😯.  We did some lunges and a side step shuffle move and I had pushed so hard I could barely breathe.  I was falling behind and immediately my highly sensitive personality kicked in.  I was holding back tears feeling discouraged with my fitness level.  I was in the walking group for crying out loud.  A coach noticed my dip in pace and immediately started to talk me up.  She got me out of my head and back in the game.  

Everyone was moving pretty quickly to get to our next push and I knew I would get there as soon as I could.   We were just around the corner from our all out stage.  We had a few pushes in-between and I was doing okay at this point.  A couple sets of push-ups, jumping jacks, arm dips (I’m not fit enough to know the real name 😂), lunges, squats, and of course: power- walking as our base.  Now, it was time for ALL OUT.

I feel like my all out could have been pushed a tad harder, but I was just trying so hard to catch my breath.  So, I just power-walked the heck out of the long stretch of hill while others were able to pick up to a jog.  The same coach was with me the whole time pushing me forward.  

The others were starting their decent back down and I was still pushing up.  The positivity in this group of people is outstanding!  I received high-fives from numerous people encouraging me to finish my all out.  I think back and really wish I had pushed harder, but I need to try and not be so hard on myself.  

This workout was phenomenal in comparison to what I was doing on my own.  I didn’t push.  I didn’t go all out.  This is what I need and Orangetheory definitely will be a home for me.  I’m grateful it is opening here and I have dipped my toes in the sweat to become part of this wonderful team.  I finished Fit Camp today, made a few new friends, and feel WONDERFUL!  Shortly after, two coaches have posted encouragement on my Facebook:

I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group!  Thanks to everyone!   

Photo below is from the end with all groups meeting back up!  Woohoo!  Go OTF!


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