The Truth Be Told

Well folks, I absolutely stink at getting my butt in gear!  I had my first weigh-in for our Biggest Loser contest at work this week and OUCH!  Surprisingly, I was lower than I had anticipated, but knowing that I have such a high weight is not fun!  Luckily, tomorrow morning I have an Orangetheory Fitness Camp!  It will be my first interaction with people from the gym and first workout in quite some time now!  I told myself this week that I was going to do the Jillian Michaels ‘One Week Shred’, but I unconsciously snoozed my alarm each morning.  I am in high hopes that tomorrow’s workout will kick-start my endorphins into a desirable range.  Although, I did go to the bathroom earlier and had a sudden spurt of energy.  So, I decided to do a couple of jumping jacks and run in place while I was in there.  I hope nobody heard me, because that would have been super embarrassing!  I also need to get some new scrubs soon for work, and I 100% plan on purchasing a smaller size!  Not only that…this competition is exactly that, COMPETITION, and I am IN it to WIN it!

On a separate note:  I went out on my lunch break today to Gabe’s just to eat some time and came across some containers that I can use for meal prep!  I bought them and plan on prepping some meals this weekend!  They came in packs of 20, which is perfect for packing lunches for the work-week!  IF my husband tags along with my prepped meals, these will be batches of two weeks at a time; otherwise I am looking at prepping FOUR weeks worth of lunch-time meals prepped.  I cannot wait to force myself to have a little self-control.  I still refuse to diet…but I at least will make some healthier choices!  Having meals made ahead of time that I can just grab and not have to think about will prevent me from the typical, “oh well I didn’t have time to pack this morning” and then ending up at a fast-food drive-through on my break!

Well folks, there it is:  The Truth Be Told on Let’s Be Candid

Signing out for the day!  Stay tuned to get some feedback on tomorrow’s OTF Fit Camp!


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