Biggest Loser Contest…in the work setting!

This may be totally ridiculous to get so excited about, but I am!  Last year I didn’t have the drive to participate.  I had post-partum depression, seriously a bad case of that crap, and I just couldn’t fathom the idea of trying any harder in life!

Well, just last week I joined our local Orangetheory Fitness in Harrisonburg, VA!  They haven’t had their grand opening yet, but I am uber stoked about this new addition to my life!  I used to be an athlete, I used to be healthy, fit, and bad-ass…but let’s cut the crap, I’m just down right obese now!  I had two children, not an excuse…just a fact, and I never took initiative after having them.  I’ve joined gyms, I’ve gotten into the groove and them BAM:  I lose all motivation!   Now, let’s get real with the nitty gritty. . . Side effects:  

As I have grown in size, my health has gone down the toilet.  I have pain in my feet, neck, back, wrist, bad ehem,  horrific posture and the list goes on!  The worst side effect of obesity so far:  high blood pressure.  It began in my last pregnancy as my weight increased and never seemed to go away after but neither did the weight.  I can always feel when it is high due to numerous symptoms,  but the most prominent one is feeling faint.  Now even with all of these problems, I still have the deep desire to refuse dieting.  I am okay with a healthier lifestyle, and balancing my meals, but I will not cut out my sweets.  If I’m going to work my ass off with exercise, I deserve to put a little bit of it back with a cookie!  

So, needless to say,  just a few short days after joining Orangetheory Fitness, my job announces our Biggest Loser Contest and

 That’s right folks:  I’m in it to win it!  Cheer me on and help me keep the drive to GET HEALTHY!  First weigh-in is today and the contest is 12 weeks!  We buy our way in with $10 and are weighed each week.  If we gain .5 or higher during our week each pound is $1 towards the ending reward!  Whoever loses the highest percentage of body fat will win all monies contributed to the competition!  Woohoo!  Let’s rock this!


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