It Takes Time

We all know everyone wants to “get fit” and “be healthy”, but how many of us are actually taking the time to put in that extra bit of umph?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  I wasn’t either and I still refuse to hop on the bandwagon with numerous fads that are out there now.  I can’t tell you how many people have contacted me trying to get me to try this or try that.  Dude, I simply just want to see if I can do it myself first, thanks for the vote of confidence 👍.  

A few years back I was at the beach with my family and my sister made a comment about the sugars in Gatorade when I had been drinking them.  Let’s just say I blew my cap for a little bit.  I was immediately offended and felt attacked.  But she wasn’t doing such, she was simply just informing me that it may not be the healthiest choice when trying to boost electrolytes and that there were other options.

If you know me personally, you already know my sensitivity level is through the roof.  That’s a whole other topic for another day folks.  I am extremely self-conscious and for the most part, I am an introvert!  I listen to those around me and twist every comment into a negative viewpoint of myself.  I know many people who do the same, but would never like to admit it.  We are human folks, let’s just act like it!

Recently, I started to become severely uncomfortable in my own body.  I could feel the fatty tissue just hanging there over more fatty tissue.  I’m always slumped over and just feel like a huge tub of whale blubber.  I began to have plantar fasciitis and experiencing enough pain to start realizing that my obesity was getting out of control.  Not only was it shown to me over a year ago on my pregnancy records with “obesity antepartum” written on it as a condition each visit (which made me feel like an absolute cretin), but now my body was in pain.  It’s no longer a choice and I must do something about it.

What is different about my journey is that I’m not in it for a certain weight goal or to obtain rapid weightloss.  I am doing this to feel healthier and to be able to fulfill my children’s life with a mother who can interact with them.  I see so many women crumble trying to experience that perfect image, but there is no point in wasting my time with such a goal.  I will take my time, create lifestyle changes, and become more active in my daily routine.  I have already begun on this journey and it has had its ups and downs.  I’ve fallen off the wagon numerous times so far!  (Well fudge-knuckes…that’s life!)

My point here is:  It isn’t a competition, it will take time and we do not have to rush it.  As long as you are taking tiny steps to achieve your goals, you are doing GREAT already!

Chin up buttercup and embrace the journey!


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