Holy Fudge-Knuckles

I work in an OBGYN office and recently we added a Medi-Spa.  I have always been so embarrassed of the plantar warts I have on my feet.  I’ve had them since I was about seven or eight years old after attending a girl scout camp.

They began as just a single wart:  one on the pad of my left foot and one on the tip of my big toe on my right foot.  As an adult I’ve tried various ways to remove them:  freezing, salicylic acid bandaids, and ointments.  EVERY time I treated them they’ve spread!  Now it is mosaic clusters of warts in the two locations mentioned previously.  I’m getting to the point, hold on, stay with me here.

So, with our Medi-Spa we have different types of lasers.  As I was reading my cheat-sheet for scheduling I saw “laser treatment for warts”.  Oh, so I’m not the only one out there.  This is okay to deal with.  I can actually get these taken care of!  It was the first thing I scheduled myself for and I’ve now been through two treatments.  Holy fudge-knuckles, this second treatment was PAINFUL!  That may not be encouraging to know, but it’s the truth.

My first session was painful, but right as I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle it the Esthetician was done.  I only experienced slight results with this, but it was a reduction and not a spread.  Two days ago I had treatment number two…I almost don’t even want to tell you about it because I fear it may scare you away.  Seriously, don’t let it though, because it works!  I’m not sure if the provider turned up the volume or my warts were ultra sensitive after having the original treatment, but it was intense.

I gimped around the office with coworkers giggling at me because they just knew.  Not in a bad way folks, these peeps are my friends.  Day two I could walk normally, but still very sensitive.  Day three is today and I haven’t made it out of bed yet!  I am constantly feeling tingles in the two areas and they have turned color much more than the first round.  I am so excited to see the results of this treatment!



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