Well, I woke up this morning and in fact, there was still snow outside.  I turned to look at my husband, laying on his belly peeping out of the blinds like a little boy.  I asked him, “is it impressive?”  His response was just a slight shake of the head side to side with pursed lips.  I laughed and shook my head back at him. 
Moments later, the tot cries, and my hubs went to go get him.  His little chubby-cheeked face lit up with glee when he saw me, immediately started bobbing his head and kicking his legs saying, “Na, Na, Na!”  Yes, we are still nursing at 13 months exactly today!  As soon as he was latched big brother climbs onto the bed to join the family party. 
“Do you know what that noise was?”  He said, extremely excited to tell us the answer.
Slightly sarcastically, “It was wind.” I responded
AND SNOW!”  He couldn’t contain his joy one bit!  There was quite a bit of snow already fallen and it still came down pretty steadily throughout the day.  My husband ventured to let our dogs out and when I went to check on him.  Yes, it’d been a while.  He saw me, put up a finger for me to “wait a minute” and then fell backwards into the snow and just laid there.   I shouted for Noah to come look and he giggled.  Then Daddy noticed him and did it again, but sideways this time and his head got completely covered under the snow from the force of the fall!  It was HILARIOUS!   We all busted out laughing, he gave quite the show!   It isn’t very often I still get to hear my first born belly laughing! 


I won’t bore you will the rest of the day.  (We lounged around drinking hot coco and watching the television.) Now I am winding down for the evening and getting pretty excited about tomorrow.   The blizzard winds will hopefully be gone and snow has ended as of this evening.  We will actually go outside with the kids and maybe break out some sleds!  It’s always a joy when you can see your children’s faces light up!  But only for a few minutes and then I’m going to run my behind back inside to the warm cozy house! 
Goodnight folks, don’t forget, you are important and take a moment for yourself

Yours truly,



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