Can I sleep yet?

Sheesh!  I am worn down folks!  I get two days off in the middle of the week and somehow I still manage to feel completely exasperated by the time Thursday is over!  It was my eldest son’s pinewood derby last night (he won second place overall! Whoop, whoop!  Holla!)  We got home around 8:30pm which isn’t that bad…if you have children that don’t require sleep!  My children are on a routine and I like it that way.  It keeps me sane=8:00pm nighty night!    But then we have to choose, do we raise well-rounded children who live within the community or do we raise them to be “home-bodies?”  I 100% would much rather be a home-body

My mother did an amazing job raising 5 children; yes, I’m the middle, no, I don’t have a syndrome…okay…maybe I do….but lay off the judgement; you have problems too!  She kept us in basically every activity you can think of:  girl scouts, boy scouts, soccer, football, softball, swimming, karate, basketball, cheerleading, lacrosse, baton, marching band, musical instruments, local choir….you name it, one of us probably did it!  How the heck did she sleep or feed us or have any sense of self!? 

As a child you think of how amazingly fabulous it is to be the grown-up!  They have all the control, money, driving privileges, and don’t have to clean (the kids do all the chores)WRONG children!  YOUR DREAMS OF ADULTHOOD ARE OH SO WRONG! 

Chores for kids?   I am going to have to redo EVERYTHING he does!  Chores for spouse?  I repeat, I am going to have to re do EVERYTHING he does!  Have money?  Nope, we rock out the paycheck to paycheck deal kiddo!  Driving privileges?  Who the hell wants those?  We live in Virginia…there is a blizzard right now…did these parents have to drive, ummm, yep!  Think so!  Control?  Okay, yes, I happily admit, I have control…most days.

So, here I am, yapping away at you.  I’m purposefully snowed in, almost two hours away, at my parents to eat free food, cable, and wifi.  And give them the opportunity to go out in the snow with my kidlets tomorrow so I don’t have to!  That teething tot of mine has woken three times since being put down and we let the seven year old stay up late tonight as a treat!  Why did I allow that?  He will be an absolute bear tomorrow when he gets cold snow on his face!  (I was the worst at that growing up!)

Remember in Let’s get Aquainted I mentioned that I wasn’t famished yet?  I am now!!!  I have so much my brain is wrapped around sharing with you, but I had to post last minute today as it was just that kind of day!  Tomorrow look forward to Snowpocalypse!

Yours truly,



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