The New Year Hoopla

Well, as we all know, we’ve entered a new year.  Woohoo, it’s 2016, let’s all be perfect and fix ourselves! BORing!  I mean seriously folks, we’ve heard it all before…
What we haven’t heard though, are the real goals that you set inside your own mind, body, and soul.  You know why?  Because you didn’t tell anyone!  That’s right!  You kept it all for yourself and that folks, is the way to achieve it!  Stop trying to impress someone or trying to “force” yourself to do something by making it a worldwide concept.  Just take a moment and make it happen, for you.

I’ve decided to indulge myself in a new planner and a new book!  Whoops, did I just tell you that?  Sorry, not sorry, I’m trying to inspire you!  It is time we put down our anxiety and pick up our integrity.  You can’t be fearful of what others might say or allow those who influence you the most to get under your skin.  Toughen it up!  Maybe go somewhere sunny so it can turn to leather and then you won’t have that problem!

Eh, who am I to tell you how to live your life, right?  I am seriously the biggest hypocrite for even telling you to “toughen it up.”  I have an extensive amount of anxiety and I could curl up into my shell every day and be completely satisfied.  But, here I am, typing away at you.  The media of the world! 

My planner has given me a refreshing new start, as last year I was glued my couch, crying most days, and completely shut away from the outside world.  Those who attempted to come in were growled at and those who stayed away were looked at with anger.  There was no winning, not for them not for me.  Now don’t stop reading just yet, I know I got a little sappy on ya; but here’s the thing, I am me and you are you.  The only one who can determine your happy is you.


When I went to Hobby Lobby each day after work in hopes that the Happy Planner was in stock again, I was constantly disappointed.  I perused the aisles just to spend some time getting ideas and I came across the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner.  At first I wasn’t sure it was for me, I’ve never been stylish and most certainly not classy!  Yet, the planner screamed at me!  I had a gift card, and a coupon, so WHY NOT?  Obviously, the purchase was made or why else would I be yapping about it!  I also got plenty of stickers to go along with it realizing that this is now much like scrapbooking!   The most crucial point to this is, I am doing something that I love

I spend a little bit of each day carved out for me.  I sit with my planner almost always disappointed I don’t have more cute stickers (especially when I am ready to add an event later in my calendar).  Even if I have absolutely nothing to add to it, I just look at it!  …I’m sorry, I should be honest, I gaze at it!  I am absolutely infatuated with my planner.  What makes this important? 《The people surrounding me》I have discovered something that makes me happy. Which in turn, allows me to accomplish more of what I want. I dream of my children being carefree (but wise) and they can’t achieve happiness if their role model is in a sluggish depression moping around them.

Now, how does this relate to you?

Duh do something you love, do something for YOU!  STOP allowing yourself to be pulled into the mediocrity of social pressure!  Yes that includes family!  Be you, love you, stop pressuring yourself to be her or him!  When you stop reading, close your eyes for a minute and take a deep inhale, hold it, and release.

Now go about your business and be YOU!


Yours truly,



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